Stepping Stones

Learning to follow God in all that I do was definitely a work in progress. I never knew what to expect, all of what was happening was so far beyond anything I could have expected. I was seeing signs more and more that he was always with me, divinely moving through my steps, every little step. I remember attempting to pull in a cart of sale items from out in front of the store one day; and thinking to myself are any kids good anymore? I was posing this question to God, just seeing horrible things happening in the world you wonder have they all gone mad. So, trying out this faith thing, I ask, Lord if there is good, show me. Just then a teenager walking down the sidewalk from the dollar store towards my store is walking straight for me, and says ” Can I help you get that cart in?” he continues to hold the door for me as I push it in. It was such a small act, did he know that small act was actually answering my prayer that minute that I had just said in my head. I’m sure not. Although, I know God does not always answer when we are asking him for “PROOF”, but that moment felt pretty good and it was just another little stepping stone to a greater faith that was still awaiting me, and a faith that I believe will continue to grow as long as I shall live. Just remember he uses us in every way, every little way.

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