Prayer Famine

Prayer Famine

Man, it hurts when the Lord convicts you on what your NOT doing.

I’m a doer! It feels good to work for the Lord. I’m a people pleaser. But, I realize I get so lost in doing, that I am not doing for him, I’m doing for me.

It hits ya when you least expect it. I was reading a blog today about prayer, it said how the prayer meetings are the most depleted part of the church. That we talk about prayer being the power that sustains us, yet none of us are doing it near enough. How revival will never come unless we get serious about prayer.

I’ll be honest I have a really hard time focusing unless it’s early morning before my mind starts racing about kids, work, blog, friends, marriage. But. when I look at the clock and it’s early I roll over. :/

I know that I won’t be perfect,( Pit of Perfection) But, I do know when the Lord is calling me out. Today he did. I’m listening Lord.

My prayer: Help me Lord to have focus, on you not me. Remind me like you have done today that I am working for YOUR glory. Enable me to discipline myself to shut out the noise of life, and let in the whispered word from you to me and me to you.

6 thoughts on “Prayer Famine

  1. Thank you for sharing this message – One of our Pastor’s shared with us a very important 3 word sentence “Pray about everything!” What an eyeopener. He said it doesn’t have to be for a need, healing, forgiveness – it should be for everything. If you are meeting with someone to talk – pray about it. If you are headed to work, pray about it, if you are paying bills or working on your budget, pray about it. He said, we should pray about everything, and I remind myself of this often! Today I went to meet with a lady to have lunch and in the parking lot on the way in, I prayed about it! Hugs for sharing this message with all of us – Praying for you now!

    • Thank you Elaine! I get so cought up sometimes, I forget that I don’t power this gig…lol he does, and of I am relying on me, I am not relying on him. Thank you for praying for me, that means alot!! Love u!

  2. I loved this blog, you take a simple thought and take it so much deeper! I am soooo very proud of you and how you’ve tackled this new world of blogging 100% just like everything else you do. I’m thankful you have a special relationship with Jesus Christ and are so willing to share even the most private thoughts from your heart with the world, that’s not always easy, but Jesus wouldn’t want us to take the easy road. We are able to build a much more rich relationship with Him when we follow His direction obedientely….Thank you Lord! Love you, Mom xoxox

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