I am the Pencil

 I am the Pencil

I had a great conversation in the early days of walking in faith with a very wise and Godly woman named Margie. She had called me after God had laid it on her heart to do so. I was asking her a question about God using me, I knew that I would be a vessel, but my mind was only set on the “Big Things”. She explained to me that obedience is key and that sometimes to bring God Glory is by moving a piece of paper from one desk to another, if that it what his command was that day, and that he reveled in the obedience, that would lead to his will even if “we” think is greatly insignificant. I heard her words but I wasn’t quiet sure what it meant, how can moving a piece of paper from one desk to another bring God glory.

About a week later, I was driving to a Doctor’s appointment it was a 45 minute drive. I was listening to the local Christian radio station WPGM. Playing was Adventures in Odyssey. I had never heard it before. How I remember it going was that there was a young boy who was time traveling through the centuries, he was present with the woman that wrote that song ” Jesus loves me yes I know”, He said hey lady I know that song. She insisted she had just jotted a couple of lines down, just then, and he couldn’t have heard it. She said it wasn’t even a song. He told her how that song had been sung by millions of people, she laughed and again insisted it wasn’t even a song, it only had a couple of lines. He was then transported to an island where soldiers were at war and they had just defeated the enemy, they were huddled together singing “Jesus Loves Me” as they celebrated. The boy asked why they were singing that song, and a soldier told him it was because they prayed that Jesus would protect them and render them victorious, and he did. He said we live right now because Jesus loves us, when we are weak he is strong.

The Boy was then transported to an orphanage in another generation and the woman that ran the orphanage had all the children together in a circle on the floor and she was singing ” Jesus Loves me” to them. He asked the woman why she was singing that song to them. She explained that as a girl every night when her mom tucked her in she sang her that song, and it had brought her much comfort and made a lasting impression on her, so she wanted the children who didn’t have parents to know that Jesus loved them, so they could to feel that comfort she felt as a girl.

When the segment was over I sat in car crying my eyes out. I understood exactly what Margie had meant that week before. That we need to be obedient in all things even the smallest things that we may think are insignificant, because in all things he has a plan.

He is the creator, we are merely the pencil in his hand.


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