Trickery–Part 2 (Music)

I remember a time not that long ago, when I would hear things on the news like “The music made them do it” and I would think oh bologne. I never looked any further than that. It couldn’t be that obvious.

I have been seeing an immense amount of satanic and occult symbolism in mainstream music and may not have noticed it before due to just being well–un informed.

Really, from musicians who I Loved and definitely looked up to not that long ago. Here are some examples **Jay Z** , ** Beyoncé**, ** Ke$ha**(The video post is on Ke$ha, her videos and songs are just plain satanic)
What it looks like is, they are glorifying and often referring to secret society symbolism and occultism making it popular with fans of all ages. The fans unknowingly start emulating these signs and symbolisms only following what their idols are doing and knowing nothing further, or possibly a partial version that they believe stems from conservatives that are just over exaggerating and wanting to take their freedom of speech away.

Our young people are feeling very empowered these days, “To do what though Wilt” a occultist phrase that Jay-z refers to often. Coined from Aleister Crowly- (There are no “standards of Right”. Ethics is balderdash. Each Star must go on its own orbit. To hell with “moral principle”; there is no such thing.

—Aleister Crowley[78] -Credit to Wikipedia-)

Jay Z has this saying on a lot of his clothing lines. Crowley is a noted Occultist– (

My only reason for writing about this trickery is to possibly open the eyes of some to what we and our children are being subjected to by just simply listening to top 40 radio or watching the half time show at the super bowl. (which was filled with occult symbols)

We need to wake up and smell the coffee, we need to be informed, we need to be on guard, the adversary has come to ” KILL, STEAL, AND DESTROY.” If we do not become aware of how steeped in this sly game we actually are, I am afraid many will be lost due to lack of knowledge.

Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.

God Bless

HEre is another link updated 10/21/2013 of the root of evil working through music and planting seeds in millions of minds

13 thoughts on “Trickery–Part 2 (Music)

  1. So true, I never did like this kind of music, How can we protect our children from all of this. ??? The parents listen to it so how can the children learn any different. Stomp out TRASH !!!!

  2. I have not listened to secular music for at least 7 years for this very fact. So many people will claim music to be their life, their haven and then they fill their head with all sorts of evil and sin and wonder why they are so depressed and their life sucks. I listen to christian music all day everywhere I go so I can glorify God in all that I listen to and therefore think! Parents need to be paying attention to what their children listen to.

    • Absolutely!!! I never thought I could like Christian music…Now that the Lord lifted the veil, I can’t get enough. Like you said I listen to that all the time now. What you spend your time listening to and reading has the biggest effect of our perspective, belief system, moral code. Blessing!!

  3. Since the only secular music I listen to is classical (and much of it is religious, I guess), I was unaware of this trend. Another front to add to our prayer warfare, another gate to smash which cannot withstand the onslaught of God’s people (Matthew 16:18). Thank you.

  4. Its terrible – I see Madonna is also one of the forerunners in this, in the spiritual imagery she portrays in her concerts! I’ve rwead research done on the effects of different types of music on unborn babies – scary!

    • Wow, I have never heard about it’s effects on unborn babies, that is scary. Yes, Madonna was definitely a forerunner in pushing the envelope. One of her videos in the 80’s had a burning cross, and a lot of blurred lines of sexuality. All of these singers now are doing this x100. Blessings to you for taking the time to read this!! It is much appreciated, to further the kingdom of God we have to make believer’s and unbeliever’s alike aware of the warfare!

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