Damascus- To be or not to be

DamascusI stand today with a heavy heart.

As the Fall is on the horizon, there is a mix of emotions.

The news is bombarding us with all the latest breaking details of the unsettled middle east.

The middle east, for as long as I remember has been shaky, with war, dictators, religious battles. But, what I see now with my NEW eyes is Bible prophecy literally unfolding before our very eyes.

Isaiah 17 prophecy states that Damascus, Syria will become a heap of ruins. Here is the breakdown:

In the last days, the Bible tells us of a horrible series of events that will take place in the lands of Israel and Syria. One of these events is the disappearance of Damascus as one of the premiere cities in the world. The oldest continuously inhabited city on the planet, Damascus has witnessed at least 5,000 years of human history, and some historians believe the city actually dates back to the seventh millennium BC. In fact, Paul was on the road to Damascus when Christ first appeared to Him, an event that transformed not only his life, but the course of human history.

In the very near future, Damascus will once again play a major role in human events. The prophet Isaiah provides us with God’s commentary on a future conflict between Damascus and Israel, and in so doing, he reveals certain prophecies which have been partially fulfilled in the past. However, the ultimate fulfillment of Isaiah 17 remains in the future. The current existence of Damascus, which will one day cease to be a city, as well as the historical absence of the coalition of nations prophesied to attack Israel and be destroyed by God, is proof that Isaiah 17 prophesies events yet future.

Here are some of today’s headlines:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/08/26/media-us-military-syria-attack_n_3818741.html?utm_hp_ref=syria


Today I pray for the souls of all of those who are deceived our lost in the shuffle. The chemical agents that were used to attack the innocent children is only a prelude of what is to come. I pray that each and every soul who reads this blog update, prays for forgiveness, we are all sinners, and then asks the Lord to call each of us worthy to escape what is coming.

7 thoughts on “Damascus- To be or not to be

  1. If only some of the people would believe and read the bible they would know what your talking about. Everyone will be forgiven they just need to ask.

  2. Damascus, yes, but also Egypt. The attacks on Christians there has escalated to new frequency. The Christian minority in Syria has also suffered. I appreciate your burden to pray, because in a sense any foretelling is secondary to the people! It is beyond my imagination to consider parents watching their child die, writhing on the ground from poison gas…
    Peace, in the midst of such knowledge.

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