God Calling

God Calling

This is a note I wrote on my corresponding page Walking In Faith on Facebook. I will also include donate button on my page here.

Dear friends, I have a longing in my soul, it has been there for a long time. The longing is to help people. For years I searched for a niche, was I supposed to help the elderly? Maybe children, fire victims, lost souls, the poor? I have finally come to the realization that I am called to help anyone who needs it, an encouraging word, a loving hug, a story they can relate to. Also, for the people on here that know me from Shamokin, ever since the flood I have been posting requests for people’s needs on my facebook page to rally around and support those who need it in our community. I really did not know where that would lead, or if that was the extent I was suppose to go to. I have been praying for God to lead me, I only want to do what He wants, His will, and that is not always readily available it His timing not mine.

I felt lead to retreat from my personal facebook page, my home page. I am still answering my notifications and will post things from time to time. I have reached out all I can on that page, and now it is time for me to focus on Walking in Faith, where people choose to hear what I have to say and or want to hear what I have to say. I desire to only do what the Lord leads me to do. In the past couple of days I have been praying about what the Lord wants next for me, I feel deep down in that longing that God, is moving me towards my next assignment, what He has ordained for my life. As I was talking to a friend the other day I heard God speak to my heart and start to instruct me to exactly what He wanted me to do. from that point He has revealed more of His plan, and I am listening intently. He revealed to me that the blog, the Walking in Faith page and my helping people are not seperate entities, that they are one and I should treat them as such, one ministry. He has lead me to think about becoming a legitimate Ministry. Where I can take donations, monetary, and divee out the money to who He leads to me. Just like I am doing now, but actually having funds available when the need arises. When I first heard this, I was reluctant, the reason I have been doing the things the way I have is because I don’t like red tape. Under other ministries I have seen and some I have been personally involved with there was alot of red tape and it was easier to just do it my way. But, upon some research, I have found that I can do things with no red tape. I have had an offer from a dear friend to take care of all of the legal end to allow me to be a legitimate non profit organization. I am not rushing into anything, and I have no expectaions of how this will go. I am giving it all to God, and whatever He ordains (.ie, small success, big success). I will in the near future be putting a donate button on this page, and it will be easily accesible for anyone in the entire world to donate too.I will then with the help, love, and support, and input of my husband give as we see fit.

With the Christmas program we have done in the past few years, we have used the nomination process, from anyone who has been moved by some one else’s plight, we will continue to use a nomination process as our foundation.

I ask that anyone who is reading this and has faith in me and what God is doing, please pray for us, pray that God’s will is done. Thank you so much for supporting my and Gino’s endeavors up to this point, there would have been no moving if all of you had not answered the call to help. Thank you!

Love, Marty & Gino (Walking in Faith)

4 thoughts on “God Calling

  1. You inspire me Marty!! You and others will be blessed when you follow what He is leading you to do. He is so great! I look forward to reading about your upcoming adventures in the Kingdom! šŸ˜€

    • I’m so glad it’s inspiring. It is a bit scary I must say. since I had the nerve to write this piece, my confidence dropped a bit. My mom had given me a book a couple of weeks ago, I opened it last night randomly and it talked about Jeremiah and how his ministry seemed fruitless for some 23 years, but he never gave up. I have to stop doubting myself, it’s hard. This message from you encouraged me, thank you. Hope you are well. Are you on Facebook?

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