Speaking Without Words

Speaking Without Words

I am constantly amazed at God’s greatness, His vastness, His Omnipresence. He is everything that is entwined in this world. He is the breeze, He is language, He is Stars, He is Numbers, He is silence.

A few years back when

I was learning about the Lord, feeling His presence, falling in love with Him. A strange phenomenon started to happen. everywhere I would go, I would continually see the #44. I was so aware that it was everywhere I looked, that I started to take pictures of it. I guess to prove to myself that I wasn’t nuts, lol. What are the chances that everytime you look at the clock it’s 11:44, 9:44, 12:44, It’s 44 degrees on the car thermometer. My change at Mcdonald’s is $1.44. It was everywhere.


As time went on, I related it to God. I still was not completely sure how, nor do I know now. Then one day I was reading something and it talked about how the entire Bible was a number code. I was floored. I looked up the Biblical meaning of the #44 and there was so much information. It helped open my eyes, to God’s vastness, and how unfathomable He is.

– 44, meaning “chosen” ( http://www.gods-kingdom-ministries.net/daily-weblogs/2011/10-2011/the-biblical-meaning-of-44/)
– The Lord confirms things with me through 44 ( I was helping a young girl a few years back, I asked her address it 44)

– The word “PROPHET” = 7967852 = “44″

-The word “POWERFUL” = 76559633 = “44″

– The word “OBEDIENCE” = 625495535 = “44″

– The word “HAPPINESS” = 817795511 = “44″

-The word “ETERNITY” = 52595927 = “44″

-The word “SPIRITUAL” = 179992313 = “44″

-When the number of my full name in broken down, it comes to 4

*** I do not proclaim to be a prophet, these are just the words that correlate to #44

More info only in numbers as it relates to the Bible can be seen here at http://humanity777.wordpress.com/. Proud to call a friend and fellow blogger. I pray one day, I can truly understand a tenth of what Humanity understands. We all have different ways of hearing and understanding God. Humanity hears from the Lord through numbers.

I know this is a little deep, but my intention is to make you aware, of how God can speak to you.

Here is some more information to help through the complexity-

Every Word has a Numeric Value

Now not only does each letter in the Hebrew and Greek alphabets have a standard and fixed number or numeric value attached to it, but this same principle can be applied to words as well. To illustrate, here are two words in Greek ~ the word for Jesus (pronounced ee-ay-sooce), and the word for world (pronounced kosmos). By following the chart for the Greek number code and adding the numbers for all the letters in these words, we obtain the following totals.

But this formula is possible not only for the words Jesus and World. It also applies to every single Hebrew and Greek word in the Bible, which has its own distinctive number, or theomatic, value.

John 21:11, where the disciples went fishing, and they caught 153 fishes. This bizarre passage has taxed the minds of many a Bible student. But theomatically, everything to do with fishes and fishing in the entire Bible is based on the number 153. Just a few examples. The following words and phrases have numerical values divisible by the number 153.

FISHES = 153 x 8

THE NET = 153 x 8


FISHERS OF MEN = 153 x 14

Hebrew and Greek Grammar

The entire word structure of the Bible, was designed by God in a unique way so that theomatics could work. In otherwords, God specifically structured the grammar of the Hebrew and Greek languages so that all of the number patterns could fit and flow together. An amazing degree of thought went into it. Theomatics will answer many puzzling questions as to the why’s of these two languages and their grammatical structure.

Here is a great example of the complexity http://www.theomatics.com/examp1.html
Here is the reference to this info

I pray that this helps you understand the Lord on a deeper level. Also, here is a verse that you will know-

Revelation 13:18 This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. That number is 666.

It will pay to seek guidance from the Lord and His word. God Bless you~

6 thoughts on “Speaking Without Words

  1. Without entering a debate on this I note that there are three Biblical languages, Hebrew, Aramaic and koine Greek. Numbers are used as mataphors within stories, and indeed can tell a story on their own (as in the geneaologies).
    As for the infamous 666 I note that Judas Iscariot (spelled in Hebrew or Aramaic) totals 666, and since Revelation is an apologetic against betrayal, abandonment and backsliding, I wonder if that should be where we stop with that one?
    The “Bible Code” is an interesting read, if one proceeds with caution rather than wild abandon, on more of the issue of God controlling codes of letters. Like any of these things I oppose mixing languages, especially since God speaks in a metaphoric language we best experience in dreams, where a moment in time can carry tons of information.
    Nevertheless, as a finite human I will not make any sweeping claims either way.

    • Thank you, for your insight. I def.did.not write from a theological perspective. I believe He speaks to each of us in different ways, ways that each of us individually can comprehend, as only He can do. My point was for the body of Christ to not discount any form of communication, and I should add that coincides with the word of God. Again I appreciate so much your intellect and thought provoking insight. God Bless! 🙂

      • And I did neglect to affirm that God speaks with or without words, and we can, too, since the Spirit intercedes for us in ways beyond human words. We each use the gifts God gives – which is why we need each other!

  2. Numbers are an intriguing thing indeed. Sometimes the Lord uses numbers to talk to me, also. I have a photo of my blog stats when I had 333 views…and then again when there were 777 views. These were a “kiss on the cheek” from Abba, to let me know that I was being obedient to His call.

    As a new music student (this is the first time I’ve really studied music theory – been a musician for more than 40 years!), I’ve been astonished at how much math is involved. Nothing like algebra, etc., but everything has a numerical value assigned to it. Craziness!

    Numerical codes and numerology serve to show that we don’t know a fraction of all there is to know. No wonder God gives us forever. It will take that long for Him to show us everything we missed with our puny little brains and short earth-life spans! As with NoPew. however, I proceed with caution. For every good thing the Lord makes known, the adversary comes up with a counterfeit to throw us off track. (As you learned from Screwtape Letters!).

    I’m off to read about your laundry…see you there!


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