It’s January and the resolutions are rolling in. I always want to challenge myself, but I am sure like most of you, I get into a slump. Sometimes the slump lasts longer than others. Since making Jesus Christ the Lord of my life, it’s been about 3 years, I have challenged myself to try to be as pure as possible, concerning sin. I have tried to have a tighter reign on my mouth; cursing, gossiping, negativity. Also, I have tried to commit to prayer daily, reading the word, and turning the other cheek when wronged or accused. (That is a tough one, although I am getting better) One thing that I have struggled with changing is concerning food. So I have prayed for the bondage that food has over me to be broken. Although I must admit, it might have been a half hearted prayer, and not something I have diligently asked God to deliver me from. Nevertheless, I have prayed about it. Not only does it have me in bondage, but also my family.

Anyway, at church on Sunday our pastor did a sermon on fasting, biblical fasting. He spoke on the benefits spiritually, and also the strongholds that can be broken. He spoke about his own son, and that his son had been addicted to opiates. After a 10-14 day fast it broke the stronghold over his son and he was delivered.

I had known a little about fasting, but had never realized how powerful it could be, and to be honest, I don’t think I was ready to try to break the bondage that was over me. I love to eat, I love sweets, and all types of delicious foods. My only indulgence, why should I have to let that go?

As Pastor spoke, something came over me, a spirit of willingness and readiness, as though God was calling out to me at this moment. “Marty, Now is the time.” I wanted to think about it, plan it, think about it some more, but I knew that would lead to maybe tomorrow, or I can’t start know.

I went home and told my husband I was going to do this. starting NOW.

My thought process was this- I love the Lord, I want more of the Lord, I want to hear him more clearly, I long for wisdom and understanding about these last days we are living in, I want to aide the salvation of my family, all branches. I want our business to be successful, and for God’s will to be done, that He give us a glimpse of where it’s going. I want to break the bondage that Satan has over myself and my family with food. Is he slowly killing us and we are letting him? ( I am just being very honest here about my thoughts).

So, with all these things in mind, I resolved that I would fast and pray about what God wants for me.

The first day, was not too bad, the second day, I had a bit of a headache, but continued steadfastly. The third day, I was praying and heard a clear word from the Lord. ( Oh how I wish it was always this clear) It was like I had tuned into the perfect station at it’s most prime spot of transmission.

Here is what He spoke to my spirit-
Marty, I am happy with you that you are challenging yourself to do this for me. You asked in prayer to be delivered from the bondage of food, this is my answer to you. Why do you think you have gained so much weight? Everything happens for a reason, don’t you often say that Marty? I will with this fast transform you, spiritually and physically. Your family will reap spiritual benefits as well, and you will give me all the glory. You will gain discipline from this that will reach every aspect of your life and also in your dealings with others. You will never “Diet”, you will continue to eat in moderation. Marty, after this fast is over, I want you to fast 2 days a week for the rest of the year of 2014. Every week I would like you to offer up a prayer for your fast, I will lead you into that prayer, for my will to be done in your circle. The riches of this will far exceed what you will ever know or comprehend.

So there it was, what he wanted me to know. I still pray I receive other revelation as I am on the 4th day and hoping to go 14. That is my goal.

I am focusing on His face, His love, His spirit to lead me through. Without that focus, there is nothing else that could motivate me to this.

I pray this inspires some one, I pray this opens the eyes of people to the riches of God’s love for us, and shows that He has put things in place for us to get straight to Him, if we are willing. Willing to die to self and grow for Him. He can make all things “New’ and “Perfect” and “Pure”.

I will attach some links about fasting I thought were very informative and helpful!

4 thoughts on “Breakthrough

  1. Gods timing is perfect ❤️ I love you and thank you for your obedience..I love how loud and clear He spoke to you 🙂 I stand in awe of Him

  2. I wish I was as strong as you, I try fasting for different things but tomorrow brings me a blank thought.I wish I had some of the strength you do.This surgery and not seeing Presley has me in such a depressed mood. I have so much to be thankful for but why do I focus on the other things. My fasting is to pray more and not focus on my ailments but I don’t feel that is enough.I’m praying to get back to Church and Bible Study but I just can’t yet.with prayer I’m sure I will soon.

    • Jean, I wasn’t ready last year…I tried and it lasted a day. My mind just wasn’t in the right place. Just keep your head up and keep praying, the strength will come. Please let me know if there is anything I can do ❤

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