Be Yourself

Be Yourself

I keep hearing this in my mind.

Be yourself.

It’s not you, it’s I.

I don’t know why somehow I understand this now, like I didn’t before.

I am out of the fast, I am eating very lightly.

Drinking water.

I am clear.

God is repeatedly saying to me, “Be Yourself”.

What I think this means, or how I am perceiving it is, God is saying to me that I was trying to hard.

He’s telling me, it’s ME who does the work, not you.

I was full of pride and I don’t believe I saw it clearly like I do right now.

I am humbled, and through humility I see the true me.

I have a feeling that more reflection and revelation is to come. I will continue to share.


2 thoughts on “Be Yourself

  1. I love this topic! I’m a soloist and felt like I didn’t sing like I wanted and God told me…”do you”. I love how God knows us so well and knows just what to say to us. That’s why I love him….so!

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