I almost don’t want to write this??!! What are the implications of me accepting what God might be saying.

I don’t know.

But, I step out on the cliff in faith, in the blistery, blowing wind, that threatens to overtake me.

Yet, God whispers quietly into my soul, my spirit, do not be afraid. I am for you, I am with you.


I had a dream that I was in a antique shop/ old world library I was in search of a relic from “Joan of Arc” ( Sidenote- I did not know prior to this dream anything about Joan or her story)
The people there had several relics, I chose a Ivory cross that was double barred, hand held size. As, I grasped this cross in my hand, lay people in the shop were telling me I was special. I said to them the same way I do in real life, there is nothing I have that everyone can’t have. God loves us all and longs for us to have this personal relationship. As I said this, my middle finger on my right hand, at the very tip of my finger there was a flap of skin, that this holy oil was flowing freely from, I was as surprised as they were, by this. They wanted to touch it, and put it on the hands , heads. I had no idea where the oil was coming from.

When I woke up from this dream, I was thinking – Who is Joan of Arc? and why would I be dreaming about this. I had heard that name, I thought it was a movie. I went right downstairs and took to my journal and wrote what I dreamt, and drew a picture of the cross.

I have had dreams before, but not like this. It reminded me of the dream Nebechenezzer had, and wanted Daniel to interpret. It needed an interpretation, I did not understand.

After, I wrote it all down, so as to not lose any details, I googled her Joan of Arc. SHE WAS A SAINT??!! And she was from LORRAINE, which is home of the LORRAINE CROSS, the cross that Joan bore on her coat of arms as she valiantly lead her fellow army mates to a victory over a the English in a war that had been raging for 91 years. After, she had divine visions from God from the age of 12 or 13.

Lorraine cross

I was blown away, you could have knocked me over with a feather. I am dreamt of a woman whom I knew nothing about, and also dreamt of the symbol she bore, with no prior knowledge. Now to the cynic, this is somehow explainable, but to the faithful this is a leading of the Holy Spirit, a message. But, what message????

Yesterday, I kept hearing, “Lead the crusade”

God is leading and I am listening

He has been leading me in my dreams. I wrote about this in December (

I anxiously await, some insight from God.

Joan 2

Joan was martyred when she was 19 years old. Her last request was for a cross, she could hold. Her last word was “Jesus”.

7 thoughts on “Joan

  1. A warrior and a martyr? A perfect description of your calling. In the Greek, the word “martyr” also means a witness. As for warrior, which calling would you say is a warrior? Check out David, Elijah, Elisha, and Samuel. They were always in a battle of some sort or another. This is my two cents worth.

  2. The forces of evil have been making aggressive moves against truth. The forces of love have been sidelined, and too long observing. No matter the scale, be a light for love. Or maybe you already are!?

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