Saving the Dead

It is always important to hear other people’s testimony. Even if we are saved, and are walking with the Lord, testimonies can help us see what God sees. For whatever reason, God is laying on my heart, that we need to REACH the forgotten, the thrown away, the leper. He wants to show us his resurrection power. It is just like when he raised Lazarus from the dead. There was no way this could happen, in the minds of the people in that time period, let alone now.

But, figuratively, God is raising people from the literal DEAD!! Praise God, these stories are the stories that strengthen our faith, that show us “GOD IS NOT DEAD” and He is moving right now!! NO ONE is too far gone, too lost in sin, whatever that sin may be! God can DO ANYTHING! We need to start believing this!

5 thoughts on “Saving the Dead

  1. I love how she said she woke up and the taste of sin was just out of her mouth, she finally felt freedom! i also like how this testimony and the last one i watched, said they chose to be gay. even though she felt inclinations early on, she made that chose to follow it. which is something our world chooses to ignore. they want to say that you are just born that way and there is nothing you can do to change it. i disagree. i do believe we have the choice and am happy to hear women speaking the truth.

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