What is stopping me?

My Book

What is stopping me? I have been here before. When (before I was saved) I would need to do something, and I would avoid it, like the plague. Examples you ask? Well, I did not want to get a job, until my mom laid the law down and said your grounded until you get a job. Ugghh finally, I got a job, because she forced me too. Then it was my drivers license, yup that thing that teenagers can’t wait to get their hands on, I wanted NO parts of. I would say “Mom, my friends drive, why do I need to drive?” Until you guessed it, she forced me to get a license. I was 18 years old. I held out as long as possible. Same with college. I declared to my poor mother, that I was going to be waitress for the rest of my life. Even though she supported me in all my decisions, she kept pushing me. All my friends went off to college and I was waitressing. Finally after I was engaged and my Fiancé convinced me, along with my mom that I could do it, I caved and enrolled. I graduated with an Associates degree and a 3.4 grade point average.

So, you see I am setting up a scenario here. I am for whatever reason “Afraid”.I'm the rock

The image above- I am the rock, the woman, my mom.

So, God has been laying on my heart to write a book. That is actually the whole reason, I have been writing the blog. I was dipping my toe in the water. Well, I have been dipping my toe in the water for almost a year now.

In the last two days, I have come upon 2 different people randomly that have written books. Both coming from a tougher standpoint than myself.

One is “Young” only 22 years old and she’s on her I don’t know 3rd book??! Also a fellow blogger who found Christ in Prison and has now given his life over to the Lord, and has submitted to God’s request to write a book, which is reaching many.

What is stopping me? Why am I afraid? I thought it was because of $$, but then how did these people do it? There must be a way.

I can feel God taking the place of my mom, pushing that big rock (me) saying, DO IT!

But, where do I start? I don’t know how to write a book. My grammar is horrendous. Do I turn my blog into a book? Do I write something new. Do I log all of the extraordinary moments?

I could cry. I have to pray. But, I thought I had been praying about it. Obviously not enough.
Is it obvious that I am literally fighting myself in handwritten form, right this very minute? lol

What is stopping me?

14 thoughts on “What is stopping me?

  1. you have been taking baby steps through the resistance. now God may be pushing you a little harder…don’t fight Him. you know in your heart and soul that whatever His plan is, is the VERY best-the ONLY way! do you want to live in regret knowing He had to use someone else to fulfill the calling He gave you because you were too “afraid”???? of course you don’t. You love Him and want to please Him. Pray for his direction to be loud and clear and then walk in the path that He is laying out for you. He loves you. He would NEVER steer you wrong. He is going to use this book to reach lost souls for Him. I will be praying with you on this ❤

  2. The #1 reason we don’t obey God is fear. Fear of failure. Fear of what others will think. Fear of the work involved. Fear of this and fear of that. But what if God’s grace is truly sufficient and He is truly Jehovah Jireh? Then, won’t you have a great testimony for others?

    I heard a testimony by a woman who told how the Lord spoke to her about being a singer. The only problem was she had a terrible singing voice, but she believed she heard God. So, she sang solos at churches and wherever she could. She was terrible and the listeners practically held their ears at her off-key sounds. Each time, she prayed ahead of time, “Lord, I believe You and I want to please You, and You alone.”

    One day, in front of an audience, she opened her mouth and sang with a beautiful voice filled with power and range. She became who God intended her to be, through His power and works.

    Don’t stick your toe in the water, but instead, run full throttle and jump off the pier. God will teach how to swim.

  3. You certainly can do this. Others need to hear you messages. Your ability to connect to people is a true gift that The Lord has given you. Whenever we have conversation I always leave with a peaceful heart, and comfort in your words. So I agree, just do it.

    • Thank you…Really thank you so much! All of your comments along with my other encouragers are building me up. I just have to figure out how to do it now. I’l keep everyone posted! ❤

  4. Do it Marty! I have written book and it’s the most rewarding thing ever… even though unpublished. Incidentally I have also started freelance editing if you ever need help.

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