Jesus the Healer

Jesus the Healer

Today I am working in the store and the Holy Spirit is working overtime! Our God is so amazing!

As you all know my daughter has been diagnosed with Perthes Disease and I have been praying for healing for her. Although, I shared in a past blog that I allowed doubt to creep in. I believe God is strengthening my faith in healing. It has been on my mind more than ever.

So this afternoon this man walks into the store, with a cane. A man that comes into the store on occasion with his girlfriend. I believe he is 30 some. He usually walks with crutches after some type of foot injury. I asked immediately where his crutches were and expressed to him that I was just thinking of him and how he has had the crutches for so long. I was thinking I wonder if he has something like Gabby has. I had forgotten that it was a foot injury. He relayed to me that he had reconstructive surgery, and that the doctors are saying that there is really nothing more they can do for him. He will always be in pain, and now has diagnosed with an additional disease in the foot.

I told him how Gabby had been diagnosed with this disease and that I was thinking of him. I said to him, “has anyone ever prayed over your foot?” I said “Let me tell you something Jesus is alive and He heals.” His eyes welled up and he said “you are freaking me out.” I asked why? He said that he had been at a gas station this morning in a neighboring town and saw a man who looked homeless, and said Hello to him. They started talking and the man was telling him how amazing God is, they talked at length and then he decided to give the guy 5$ to grab a bite to eat. The man asked him if he could pray over his foot, right there at the gas station. He said sure, and the man told him Jesus is alive and He heals. The exact words I just said to him.

He said this literally happened to me 3 hours ago, what are the chances you ask me that and say the same words he said to me. I told him he didn’t come in by accident today, that God is telling him he is going to be healed.

I said you WILL BE HEALED. The doctors are telling you there is nothing they can do, and that makes a perfect situation for God to get ALL THE GLORY! I then said I have a YouTube channel and when you are healed, you need to tell the world, so they may be inspired through YOU! He started to cry.

As we are speaking a woman comes into the store. Just so happens this woman had been in a dire situation about a year ago, and was in desperate need of a healing. Her son was in the hospital with a deadly infection and they told her there was nothing more they could do for her son. There was no hope, they had sat by his bed side for 5 hours knowing at any moment it could be his last.

Her daughter messaged me on Facebook and asked me if I would pray for her brother and that the doctors told them it was a matter of time. I began to pray for him, while my eyes were closed I could see the layout of the room, I could see him in the bed all hooked up, and I could see the family sitting bedside. I then saw an angel in the corner of the room. The angel was ministering to his spirit while he lay there lifeless. God then spoke to me and said tell them to keep watch, something is about to change. I messaged her and told her what the Lord had showed me. (I honestly did not know what He was going to show them, I didn’t know if they were going to witness his spirit leaving the body, or what) She messaged me back about a half an hour later and said that out of the clear blue all his vital signs started going up, and that the doctors couldn’t explain it. He was healed and is now still living.

The woman told the man in the store this story.

What are the chances, that I say exactly what was said to him? What are the chances that my one experience with healing, this woman walks in at the same time? And is able to tell him her story. The holy spirit was so thick in the room, I was shaking.

I believe that man will be healed and he will tell his story on the YouTube channel. I believe that my daughter will be healed. I believe that this happened not just for him, but also for me. God is calling me out to proclaim that HE IS ALIVE AND STILL HEALING PEOPLE WHO CHOOSE TO BELIEVE!!!!!!!!! Praise God!!

17 thoughts on “Jesus the Healer

  1. woot woot!!! i LOVE what God is doing through your WILLING life!!! God is so amazing and is proving Himself faithful, even though He doesn’t have to, but to all those who choose to look at His glory! and really, who could deny His miraculous existence as He is moving in all these ways? 🙂

  2. God doesn’t heal when we muster enough faith (only need such a tiny bit anyway!), but when it will have the most impact on the one healed (usually associated with salvation) and those around. By telling the Good News of God at work you are impacting others with the impact! Such news energizes me! (Sorry for all the exclamation points!)

  3. Oh my! What a wonderful story–like reading the Book of Acts. You are doing exactly what all of us believers should be doing–ministering in the marketplace and demonstrating the Gospel. You have encouraged and inspired today. May God richly bless you and your daughter in heath and in every area of your lives!

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