There has been a running theme in my days lately. The theme is a whisper of truth, that is hard to see through all the “stuff’.

Let me explain. A peace has beset my soul. The spirit of the Lord, has open me somehow to a divine truth that is quite simple, yet so hard to grasp…….Simplicity.

When God created man, He created us in such a way, that every part of our brain was equip to combat every situation in life. Just like the birds, they do not worry about their next meal, nor do they worry about where they might sleep. They have a way of moving along through the day just “Being”.

When do we have an opportunity to just “be”? Not to often. I can only speak for myself but, I am sure many can relate. We are running from appointments, to work, to our children’s activities. Then home to tidy up, do laundry, make dinner, do the dishes, wash up, set out clothes for the next day.

I cannot remember the last time I had a “free” weekend. Really they have been non existent for a few years now. I long for peace, I long for rest, do you?

A friend gave me a book to read, in this book named “Joshua” a parable for today by: John Grizone a simple man is living on the outskirts of town. He is not looking for approval of others nor does he need to depend on anyone. His living is quite simple, he works doing woodworking, fixing broken items, and makes just enough for food, and any other little thing he might need. He eats simply and utilizes all of nature to fulfill his needs.

As I was reading, I was struck by how just reading about his lifestyle made my spirit feel at peace, just reading it.

There is so much I can do to simplify my life. It’s difficult for all of us. The society we are living in hardly permits us anytime to just be and enjoy all of God’s blessings in their simplest forms.

I do not want to be a prisoner of schedules, and things. I want to enjoy the breeze, trees, flowers. The laughter of my children, witnessing the bonds they have with there Dad.


Daddy and girls


The enjoyment of floating in the water attentive to the muffled sounds.


A paragraph from the book “Joshua” “He told them he had nothing and he was very happy because he could enjoy all the beautiful things in nature that belonged to God, like the sunshine and the beautiful skies, and the little birds and the flowers. You don’t have to possess them to enjoy them. Being free in the secret of peace and happiness. Always be free, and not possessing things is part of being free.”

I want to renew my mind, renew my mind set, before He does it for me.

I hope this renews some one today, to pause, and evaluate the beauty in simplicity.


4 thoughts on “Simplicity

  1. Amazing. We have more kitchen gadgets, faster cars, unimaginable communication devices – and we have less time to be neighbourly than when I was a child, and no time for Sabbath rest.

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