Are you a wise virgin? Or a foolish virgin? (Both being Christians)

Are you a wise virgin? Or a foolish virgin? (Both being Christians)

Matthew 24 3 As Jesus was sitting on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to him privately. “Tell us,” they said, “when will this happen, and what will be the sign of your coming and of the end of … Continue reading

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I Can Only Imagine

I found myself 2 days in a row, being consumed with prophecy watching. Isaiah 17 and Psalms 83, looming over our heads.

Hanging on the updates and wondering what lies ahead. I absolutely love that I am able to follow this unveiling of prophecy. Not many generations of people can say that. But, at the same time it can be draining, and we can easily lose sight of why we are excited about seeing these things come to pass. Not, because we want destruction, or pain, or anything else like that.

As a believer we are waiting patiently for our blessed hope, and in order for that to happen all these things must come to pass. The sooner they start to unfold, the sooner we are to going home, our real home.

So after 2 days of much intensity, I decided last night to focus on the glory of God, to remind myself of what that blessed hope IS, what comes after the bombs, war, and rebirth of a planet that is in the midst of bitter chaos.

I turned to You tube and watched a documentary on several people who have caught a glimpse of the after life, stood in the glory of our God, felt HIS Love, stood in it. The love HE has is so overwhelming, they described never feeling anything so transcending before. They never wanted to leave. Their spirit was upon the earth, in space, seeing the earth from a different dimensions view. In awe of what they had never seen before. Experiencing the vastness of space and time that is beyond all human comprehension.

Some floated above their bodies for a time, saw their lifelessness lieing in a emergency room, or watching intense brain surgery taking place. Did they long to be back in that body? No, they say once your out of your body, you realize how cumbersome it actually is, and that this is not the natural (how we believe it to be in this life) That the natural is to really be you- your spirit, free of life on this earth. They relay that they realize in this experience they have truly never smelled before, loved before, saw before, lived before.

The most important thing of all was that they were in the presence of God which is indescribable. They felt the love of a mother, love of a father, a best friend all rolled into one, the love was so overwhelming nothing and no one could make them want to go back to their former selves. They have no attachment to the body that lays lifeless, they still love their families but not enough to ever want to go back, but ultimately it is not their time.

They say that death is a doorway into another realm, another life, filled with souls of people from their lives, and also souls of people they can’t identify but they know they have a connection with in this life.

They speak of angelic beings who are constantly surrounding us on earth, that we simply cannot see. That love us and help us, all sent from the Father. Once these people pass through that door, in the near death experience they are able to see all that inhabits the next realm.

Each and every person no matter what their socioeconomic background, religious beliefs or anything else, when dead for a time, are able to know that their IS A GOD. What a precious treasure some of us are given. Maybe for some that would be the only way to get them to the point of believing, and thus being able to pass on to eternal life with God, when their real death hour comes.

After watching this, I was filled up again with love, excitement and glorious expectation of what is to come. Thank you God for allowing these people to share their stories, so that through them your faithful can be encouraged.

John 20:29 Then Jesus told him, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”

Keep your hope, dearest Body of Christ. The best is yet to be, let our hearts not be weary or troubled.

I will place the link here if anyone would like to watch the documentary too.

Be blessed and hold fast to our dear Lord, our HOPE our TREASURE!!!!!!!!!!