Insecurity Slithers In

I know so far I have been laying the ground work for where my life is today, I know that my insecurity  is a gift from God . However, it is still uncomfortable and the thought of rejection is scary. Since I started this blog which was just a few short days ago, I have mentally gone back to that first day in the new school, where I am the “NEW” girl. I have that overwhelming feeling, will I be able to get them to like me? Will I fit in? I want to know all the dynamics of everyone’s relationships and where will I fit in? What will my niche be? Because I have to admit already doing this blog, it has a life of it’s own, in some weird way, it’s like I am seeing myself from a third person perspective. It’s both awesome and scary. I do believe God is cooking something up, and it’s not at all like I had envisioned it in my own mind. But, I trust him wholeheartedly and I just have to keep reminding myself that even though I am feeling uncertainty, He isn’t. He is the Absolute! The same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Thank you God for loving me, for trusting me, for believing in me. I can’t even imagine my life without your gentle hand guiding me.

The LORD Almighty has sworn, “Surely, as I have planned, so it will be, and as I have purposed, so it will stand.”  (Isaiah 14:24)