Blogger Advice Appreciated

Hey, my fellow bloggers!!! Just wondering if I could pick your minds a bit. So far things seem to be progressing well with my blog. I have enjoyed reading others too. This is a whole new world to me. My brother gave me a crash course and was very helpful in getting it set up.

I am still fighting the feeling of the unknown, where is this gonna go? Will I be able to eventually compile stories for a book? Which is my ultimate goal. How will my readers percieve my stories as compared to other personal story blogs? What will be the ups and downs of blog life be like?

I would love to hear feedback on how yours got started. What you all have experienced to be ups and downs. Any No No’s? And what has been a definate defining part of your own experience. I am anxious to hear your responses and hope that I can at least get a bird’s eye view of  other people’s experiences.

  I am faith driven and know that God is leading me, and prayerful that his will prevails!

Thank you in andvance, Marty 😉