Have you heard HIM knocking?

Have you heard HIM knocking?

Revelation 3:20~~ Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.

I am sure we have all heard this scripture from some one at least once in our life. I know I have, and seen the picture countless times. But, what does it really mean?

I was pondering this the other day, while reflecting on how God swooped in and cradled me in my time of need, which led me to seek his presence more, which lead to a personal relationship. As I thought about this all of these memories came flooding into my mind, of times that he knocked on my door and I never realized it. My day of trouble was not the first time, there had been many times over my lifetime that he extended me an invitation. Not until this moment did I realize, it was him.

God’s presence can be felt, but when do we know he is “knocking on our door”? In this life he gives us tons of opportunities to accept him, accept his work on the cross and make him Lord of our lives.

The first time he knocked on my door was when I was in kindergarten, for one year I went to Christian school, I learned prayers, and I learned that Jesus loved me. That year represented a seed being planted by God in me. After that I never went to a Christian school again.

As a child my step father was a drinker we were with him at a party and he decided to drive home with myself and my little brother in the car, we were in the inside cab of the truck and we were scared, so we huddled together and prayed the entire way home that we wouldn’t crash and that we would get home safely. God was present with us in that moment of fear, another opportunity to go to him more, but I did not.

When I was 16, my Mom started going to a church, and really was getting into the word. She was watching a movie made about the 7 year tribulation, I watched it with her and was horrified at this time that was to come. I asked my mom when it was over, how I could escape this time, or if I even could, she told me all I had to do was ask the Lord to come and be Lord of my life. I said can I do it right now? “Sure she said, repeat after me”, and I did, that day I accepted him into my heart and I meant it, but I certainly did not live it. Another knock that was passed up. She often asked me to attend church with her, but I didn’t want to I was put off by the pastor and just wasn’t going there, another knock, I passed up.

18 years old came around and I decided to take Karate lessons from a woman who taught in a small dojo in her backyard, she was a Christian. I started to ask her questions and she shared her testimony with me, she was young and I looked up to her, she then told me I would have to turn from sin and live the best life of righteousness I could. That’s where it ended, I explained to her I was young and really having a good time, I had my own apartment, I was partying with my friends, I told her that I deserved to enjoy this time in my life and that I wasn’t ready to commit to that, she was very understanding and said she would pray for me, another knock, another invitation passed up.

I am surprised he didn’t give up on me in retrospect.
But, he surely didn’t. When I met my husband one of the things that I appreciated most about him, was his devotion to church. I wanted that. We were then married in the church, our children were baptized in the church, but believe it or not, even then I STILL DID NOT GET IT!!!???? Ugghhh!

It was a right of passage, the RIGHT thing to do, the thing that made you look favorable in the eyes of society. Yet, another opportunity that almost slipped away, but 15 years into that, yes 15 years, the lightbulb finally went off. Finally, I got it, I am sure only by the grace of God, but darn it I finally got it!

As, I reached out to him in a moment of despair while going through trials in my life (https://msinop1.wordpress.com/2013/04/10/trials-come-to-make-you-strong/) he was there knocking, saying to me in a quiet voice “Marlena- Come to me” and yes by the grace of God I heard him this time, not only did I hear his knock, I answered the door, and invited him in. My life has never been the same.

Thank you God, for loving me enough to never stop trying to get me to answer the door.

I ask you to reflect on your life, and ponder as I did, all the times Jesus has knocked on your door.

P.S. If you are reading this, it is NO COINCEDENCE, it is God’s invitation to you~~~~

14 thoughts on “Have you heard HIM knocking?

  1. Thank God that He does not give up on us! I was raised in a christian home and dabbled in and out of church as soon as I left home and wasnt “forced” to go until I was in my mid thirties!! I thought that the world was a far funner place but it isnt!!! Nothing beats the peace and joy of a life lived in Christ!

  2. Marty you can really choke someone up, You can make us see things we never thought existed, You can make us believe so much that we want to feel what you feel through Christ, and through you we know we will get another chance and open that door this time. ❤

    • Jeannie God is good and loves us so much, each individually as if we were the only ones. I desire to speak only what he wants!! Let’s keep encouraging eachother everyday!!!xoxo

  3. As we discussed earlier today that it’s evident to me that God is directing you to your blog subjects and you bring something to the readers attention that their spiritually blind eyes could not see. Thank God he helps us on this journey!

  4. This jut reinforces that with Jesus life is an adventure/journey, not an event! And it may get bumpy, but the road keeps going in the right direction, no electronic GPS needed! Of course, a good map helps. I think it says “Bible” on the outside…

    • Yes, it is indeed a journey! I am so thankful for where God has lead me even when I was not answering the door. Peace to you as well brother in Christ 😉

      • Thank you for your blessing which I accept with humility (especially as I see I made a spelling mistake in my comment. I do try to avoid those). Oh, well, I got “peaced” anyway!

  5. I always enjoy reading your blog — I may not get to them on the day they come out, but they are always very inspiring to me! Keep up the good work!

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