A Call To Prayer

A Call To Prayer

I’m learning everyday how our God works. He is so amazing and unfathomable and He’s also simple. Sometimes, He’s so simple we miss it. Let me explain, have you ever been at a grocery store and seen a mother losing it on her kids? Have you ever seen some one acting very rude? Have you ever dreamt about some one you haven’t seen in ages, and you can’t fathom what would have made you dream of them. Have you seen a hateful bumper sticker, or facebook post? Have you felt helpless?

Let me tell you, every morning I drive to work and I pass a car that sits in a parking space along the road driving into work. On this car is a bumper sticker that saddens me every time I see it, it reads ” Nothing Fails Like Prayer”. Every time I see it I wonder how many people have passed, read it, and have thought positively or negatively about it. After so many times of getting worked up over seeing it, feeling helpless, I started to pray for the person who drives that car. So, now EVERYDAY when I pass that car, I use the sadness it brings me to fervent prayer for a soul so lost, that they would put a sticker on their car to tell the world. We cannot force anyone to believe what we believe, but we can pray for them. They don’t have to hear us, but they are defenseless against our prayers. Next time you see some one act out, you dream about some one and you can’t figure out why, you see a bumper sticker that represents the sad state that our world is in, think of it as a divine tap on the shoulder. God is calling you to prayer. Imagine how we could change the world one prayer at a time? I bet the person with the bumper sticker doesn’t know he or she is actually being prayed for everyday because of it!!

11 thoughts on “A Call To Prayer

  1. I agree with Natasha. Great post here. Once I learned what forgiveness would do, I began many years ago praying for those who dislike me, or persecuted me. And I have prayed for those I don’t like! It is amazing what God does for me when I do this. It took me 3 years of getting up every morning after after my divorce to forgive my ex-husband. I loathed him by the time I left him but knew I had to forgive. I did it when I didn’t really feel it. Over time, I began to feel sorry for his pathetic soul. It may not have changed him, but it certainly changed me and the way I looked at him. If we do what God wants, he will make our enemies to be at peace with us…….

    • So right, forgiveness is so hard, but once we can come to terms with the fact that whatever some one else has done is because they are in pain in some fashion from the battle they are fighting it really makes it easier! Hope your well Cathy!!! Peace sister ❤

    • You know, I never thought that far ahead… I will be watching to see change. I will keep you updated!! You Rock! Blessings from the Father straight to your little heart!!!!

  2. This is something I need to remind me every day. I have forgiven but I haven’t prayed for them to be forgiven. I’m taking life day by day and want to become a better person and I believe with faith, hope, love, belief, prayer, family & friends I can do this!!!

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