The plane is a diversion

This article has great information collected as one piece, that we all should be updated on. It corresponds to my blog post Prepare your hearts.

Serve Him in the Waiting

The fact that the airplane that went missing is the only thing really being “covered” in the news right now, seems awfully strange to me.  On Israel’s shared border with Syria, conflict is ramping up, and the IDF is also continuing to prepare to go to war to stop Iran from going nuclear.  Speculation continues as to whether Putin will stop with Crimea or has other territories he plans to gain, while bankers continue to die and suddenly the Republicans claim to be working on a replacement for Obamacare.  Meanwhile Obama still has his pen and his phone!

Just a thought, but what if the diversion and this faux “tension” between Putin and Obama is really just to keep us preoccupied while the PTB implement something like this scenario put forth by Daymond Duck?

Fast Tracking the North American Union


By Daymond Duck

In the early 90s, before the U.S. Congress…

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